e-Do women in tech - Bringing women
back to work

There are so many incredible women in tech that are worthy of much more exposure and development than they currently receive.

Our e-Do initiative is a campaign geared towards women empowerment in our sector.

This is one of the core reasons why we developed the EBlocks e-Do initiative. It is enabling experienced women in tech—developers, consultants, business analysts, and more to re-enter the world of technology.

It addresses the gender gap within the software industry by helping experienced women in technology to re-enter the world of IT and consulting. We are excited to see what incredible talent we can uncover with the inaugural edition of e-Do, launching in Johannesburg in the second week of June 2020.

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What does e-Do entail?

The e-Do initiative is a five-week intensive boot camp that covers the following key areas of our business and industry:

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Data Engineering

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Software Engineering

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Data Analytics

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After the boot camp, selected participants are offered a three to six month paid internship with Eblocks to explore their tech environment careers. After the internship, participants can apply for a full-time position with the company.

The program intends to be a platform for women in tech to network, connect with role models, and become active tech community members. We aim to elevate the conversation around inclusivity and drive home an important message:

Women can achieve as much as men or more when they are presented with opportunities without biases.

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e-Do Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid boot camp?

No. The e-Do boot camp is free of charge for all women in tech who apply and are shortlisted.

How will this boot camp help me
as a woman?

The boot camp will help sharpen your agile consulting skills, which gets you on par with the current job market requirements.

Is there a selection process for
the boot camp?

Yes. Our experienced senior consultants volunteer as trainers for this boot camp in addition to their regular project work. This leaves us with only a limited number of people that we can work with per boot camp batch, and since the seats are limited, we need a selection process to shortlist candidates.

What happens after I complete
the boot camp?

Upon completing the boot camp, selected candidates are offered a three to six month paid internship with EBlocks. You are also free to apply to any other tech organisations to continue your career journey.

Are you a woman in tech
who is ready to take her
career to the next level?

Contact us today to find out about
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