Eblocks Partners with Alphazetta to launch Data Analytics and Data Engineering Academy (EDEDA)

Deon Thomas

We are helping existing analytics professionals make the transition.

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Data and Analytics Academy

Deon Thomas, co-founder of Eblocks Software and Managing Partner of EDEDA .

At least one year after inception, Eblocks Software, launched its Data Analytics and Data Engineering Academy (EDEDA) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Eblocks Software, a full-stack digital and data analytics consulting company delivering advanced data solutions, has announced the launch of new market opportunities to provide practical analytics training to actuaries and statisticians.Founded in 2009 by Tech Entrepreneur and Author, Deon Thomas. The Eblocks Data Analytics and Data Engineering Academy plan on providing niche practical training to the finance and insurance industries with one goal.

"Help our customer monetise data and increase margins by supporting them in becoming a Data Guided Digital Businesses."

The academy is a key enabler to assisting our clients to achieve this goal. The academy launch started in November 2020, which will be initially based in Johannesburg to expand to Cape Town and Durban at a later stage.

Eblocks Software will continue specialising in solving complex business problems by implementing artificial intelligence (AI), fintech, and data science projects for clients. Eblocks already has leading South African Companies as clients.

Eblocks plans to collaborate with its global analytics partner AlphaZetta to expand their existing world-class academy into the South African markets to ensure we are different from the market competitors. The AlphaZetta partnership seeks to position EDEDA as the African data science and data engineering leader over the next three years in Africa.

Deon explains the combination of both the consultation business and the academy is driven by the tremendous shortage of data scientists, data engineers and practical approaches to overcome some of the typical data science inhibitors, to converge their digital and data product aspirations.

"Eblocks now plan to grow from a boutique consulting company to augment its existing services with a focus to enable existing data practitioners such as actuaries, statisticians, and data analysts with a pure focus to leapfrog into data science and engineering." 

Eblocks is also increasingly asked to assist with integrating data science as part of corporate data and digital strategy and implementation.

Eblocks plans to combine its existing consulting delivery services to provide practical coaching and delivery to our clients, giving end to end, full-stack service to increase data monetisation, cross-selling and upselling of data products for digital consumption.

The EDEDA academy will support our customers with a 360 view of services to enhance their customers' digital touchpoints with existing user data.


Eblocks Partners with Alphazetta to launch Data Analytics and Data Engineering Academy (EDEDA)

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