Our Mission, Vision
and Values

We are more than a software solutions company. Our mission, vision, and values have been developed in such a way that they guide us towards delivering positive change. For our clients, for ourselves and the greater communities around us.

Our Mission

Our mission centers around value. Using impactful technology, we create value for our clients, who deliver the same value to their customers and society while bringing about positive economic and social change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to leverage Africans' diversity and ingenuity to improve Africa's social and economic conditions. We do this through the creation of smart software solutions and innovative technology.

Our Values

We don’t just speak about company values. We live them. EBlocks values are the behaviours demonstrated in the corridors, the conversations in the boardrooms, and the symbiosis of cultural influences from each individual in our company. The common threads running through our business hold our multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary team together:

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We are intellectually curious. We are constantly learning, evolving and acquiring new skills. 

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We innovate through diversity and ingenuity. The secret to our innovation comes from the diversity of the people who work with us. 

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We are relentlessly ambitious. We strive to push ourselves beyond what is imagined possible. 

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We are accountable. When we see a problem, we own it and we fix it. We do everything we say we will do, and more. 

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We love teamwork. We are individuals working as a team, succeeding as a team and supporting one another where necessary.  

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We fail fast and recover faster. We publish our failures quickly and take the necessary steps to recover quickly, as a collective. 

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We create technology for human prosperity. We are aware of how we can impact the world and we do so in a positive manner. 

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We are pragmatic in our approach. We question everything so that we can deliver value. 

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